Evaluation Internships

School is ending for the year and our evaluation internships are beginning at AKA. This is my favorite time of year because I get the chance to work with students and together we learn about the importance of research and evaluation. This summer four interns will work on AKA research and evaluation projects on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. Interns … Continue reading Evaluation Internships


I love the partnerships we have developed at AKA as a result of our work with tribes, universities, non-profits, community-based organizations and community members. This week I attended a meeting with a university partner and their faculty to develop a proposal for addressing disparities that we have identified through our evaluation efforts. In some ways … Continue reading Partnership

Win Wall

At AKA in our evaluation process we often identify  successes and challenges. What if teams started to looking at successes as WINS and challenges as OPPORTUNITIES. This is what we are doing at the Tribal Prevention Initiative... and it works. Each week our team meets to celebrate our wins. We also talk about opportunities. We know … Continue reading Win Wall